Monday, September 18, 2006


Basingstoke, Hampshire: Annette Ramshaw

When Annette Ramshaw was verbally attacked by yobs when she was walking to the shops with her friend’s two-year-old daughter, she realised how bad things had got in her neighbourhood.
Annette, 24, says: ‘I work in my local shop and every night we get abuse from the teenagers. They come in gangs and steal — if we try to stop them we get abuse or things thrown at us. They hang around outside the shop until we close and then smash the windows and break the shutters. We call the police but half the time they don’t turn up.
‘I have a five-year-old child and it’s not right that I can’t even take him to the shop. Things have to change.’
Annette Ramshaw,
Basingstoke, Hampshire

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